Posted August 06 by GreenCloud

One evening, I was scanning my files in my hard drive looking for a specific note I created a while ago. These files are mostly instructions and tutorials about different sorts of topics regarding Linux Operating System. The notes are, I can say, relatively organized (at least I managed to keep them in a single folder) but still finding this specific note about GRUB configuration, within hundreds of not so helpful filenames would have been time consuming if not frustrating.

Good thing there are useful command line programs that can do the painful search. So I fired up Terminal and typed in grep -r “grub” * and whoa-la, I see my file.

A few years ago, I used to keep notes (like the one I just found) about the things that I’ve learned while I was learning Linux. While I was searching my files, I thought why not share all these files that I have kept for so long,  to other people who are also starting to learn Linux. That idea forced me to create this simple blog. So, basically this blog will be a note-sharing kind of a blog. So all my notes, instead of just sitting there in my storage, will be converted into blog posts making it useful to other Linux users out there.

This would be the start and hopefully I would be able to post them all here before the end of the world. Most of them would still need some rewriting, for the sake of formality. It will take some time but I’m sure we will get there. And I hope anyone who would be reading my entries would also impart by giving even just a short feedback about the posts or other useful information or ideas about Linux and Open Source.

Thank you very much! More power to all Linux users out there. See you guys around!


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