Another Decent Website Got Whooped!

Posted March 13 by GreenCloud

Cyber terrorism is once again taking its toll and another decent website became the new victim – this time it’s, owned by a guy named Goran Zinic from Croatia. This morning I checked one of my old email account and saw this very sad news that Goran Zinic’s website,, has been hacked and hijacked by a guy who call himself Ahmad Rashid Mohammed that turns out to be living somewhere in Dubai – I doubt it.

It’s been said that the terrifying act happened just recently on February 22nd of this year and reported that the cyber-terrorist was able to transfer the domain name illegally (which unfortunately was unlocked) and hijacked all the web files pertaining to the domain. Other online accounts such E-mails, Twitter, Facebook and Hosting was also hijacked. This is huge and I’m pretty sure the hacker/cracker was working on this dark motive had been working for this for quite some time before he made a big hit of hacking and hijacking all these accounts. This guy’s a pro and should be put behind bars.

Another sad thing about this incident was, Zinic said that his registrar,, “refuse to investigate any further or offer any kind of help. Onlinenic is great when you need to buy a domain and send them money, but when you have a problem, they don’t want to listen.” Zinic also warned other people that “if you care about your business, you should AVOID ONLINENIC.”

Since it’s been said that the hijacker was able to get just about everything, it’s likely that the hacker was also able to obtain payment details of all InDigitalWorks’ customers, fortunately, the card I used for my account has expired also just last February and I don’t have plans to renew it.

For now, while Goran Zinic and his webmasters are doing their best to work things out with their original domain, you can access using a temporary domain at

You can learn more about this another act of cyber-terrorism by clicking here.

To all website owners please be more responsible and be vigilant with your web hosting accounts. And to all end-users, just take it easy, I mean take care!


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